On Your Bike 2012

The official On Your Bike Oakham logo

They're on their bike, are you on yours?!

Oakham residents are once again being offered the chance to get back on their bikes this March with the help of a local community group. Transition Rutland (that’s us, just in case you got here without knowing!), a group of local residents (who love cycling) are running a series of “Bike Doctor” days giving people the opportunity to bring their bikes for a bit of TLC in time for the spring.

After the success of last year, and the fun we had, it wasn’t a hard decision to bring the good Bike Doctor back to Oakham and have a spring cycling surgery once more. As with last year, we hope by increasing the amount of people cycling around the town , by overcoming simple problems, we can help residents cut their carbon footprint, whilst getting healthy, having fun and saving money on petrol too! Ok, ok, sounds great, but there’s always a catch? Well, you do have to turn up, but that’s about it, no catch, so what are you waiting for?

The free sessions, organised by ourselves (Transition Rutland), are being run in conjunction with Rutland Cycling. Specialists will be on hand to offer bike maintenance advice, undertake basic repairs and give cyclists the confidence that their bikes are safe, and that they can keep them safe. The “Bike doctors” will be outside Tesco’s on the 17th March, the train station on the 24th March and at Oakham Castle on the 31st March (all events between 10am and 3pm).

Nick Goodman, Chair of Transition Rutland is looking forward to the events, “like last year, our group just wants to help residents feel safer and more confident on their bikes. By bringing back the bike doctors, we can help this and we are looking forward to once again, helping Oakham residents to get “On your bike”!

For Rutlanders, who are in on the joke, the Bike Doctor and On Your Bike schemes are truly a case of Multum In Parvo! So come along and we hope to see you soon.

To know how all this came about, you can read about last year’s inaugural On Your Bike scheme here.

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